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Flag Day Observation on Father's Day


The award-winning Paragon Carousel is open seasonally from Easter Weekend until Halloween (weekends in spring and fall and daily during the summer).


The business office is open year-round, with limited hours.

205 Nantasket Ave.Hull, MA 02045

Please Visit the Doors to History site to learn more about the Paragon Carousel and other historic sites in our area!


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Nantasket Hotel at the Beach

Thanks to winning a grant from American Express the Paragon Carousel replaced all twelve doors to the building that houses the Paragon Carousel with beautiful wooden doors that replicate the original doors from 1928. The grant also allowed us to renovate all the windows above the doors so that now light streams into the building. Thank you!

Adopt A Horse > Carousel Map

WOULD YOU LIKE TO "ADOPT" A CAROUSEL HORSE FOR THE SEASON OR PERPETUALLY? The carousel map allows you to find the location of each horse according to its number. The outside ring are standers with single numbers. Letter "A" horses are next. Row 3 horses are letter B, and letter C horses are located in the inside ring. There are 12 large standers, 42 jumpers, 8 small standers (ponies), and the 4 chariot horses for a grand total of 66. The 4 rows and 2 Roman chariots classify this merry-go-round as a "Grand Carousel."

Map Key: Please use this map for location only. The color key is not current. HOW TO ADOPT A HORSE Please call the business office at 781-925-0472 or email info@paragoncarousel to inquire about the availability of horses. Each year in November we contact current seasonal horse supporters and offer them the opportunity to renew their "adoption" for the next year. In February we will have a list of available horses for you to review.