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Our 2018 Calendar of Events will be posted in the early spring.

Stay warm and think Summer Thoughts until then!


The award-winning Paragon Carousel is open weekends,

Saturdays and Sundays 11:00am to 5:00pm through Sunday Oct 29th

The business office is open year-round, with limited hours.

205 Nantasket Ave.Hull, MA 02045

Please Visit the Doors to History site to learn more about the Paragon Carousel and other historic sites in our area!


Corporate Sponsors

George Washington TomaThe Grass Guy

Nantasket Hotel at the Beach

Thanks to winning a grant from American Express the Paragon Carousel replaced all twelve doors to the building that houses the Paragon Carousel with beautiful wooden doors that replicate the original doors from 1928. The grant also allowed us to renovate all the windows above the doors so that now light streams into the building. Thank you!


Carousel Creamery Manager: Job Opening

Carousel Creamery Manager

The Creamery Manager is responsible for the seasonal operation of the Carousel Creamery, the ice cream and snack shop located in the Clock Tower Building on Nantasket Beach, according to specific food safety, cleanliness, and customer service guidelines.

Supervision of the staff is a key area of responsibility along with the hiring, training and scheduling of individual staff members.  This position is also responsible for working with vendors, inventory control, promotion, and providing stellar customer service.

This position is responsible for the cash handling at the Creamery registers as well as end of shift and evening register close out and preliminary cash reports.

The Creamery Manager must be able to work April through November.  The Carousel Creamery is open weekends April through the middle of June and Labor Day through the end of October (11 am until dusk), and is open daily from the middle of June through Labor Day (Sun.-Thurs. 11 am until 9 pm, and until 10 pm on Fri. and Sat.).

This is a great position for teachers, cafeteria workers, or anyone looking to work for the summer season at a beautiful seaside community. You will be required to work days, evenings and weekends. You must already hold or be willing to acquire Serve Safe certification. The ideal candidate for this position will have management and food handling experience, a strong work ethic, and willingness to be a team player. During the busy weeks of July and August the Creamery Manager will be required to work 40 or more hours per week. This position reports to the Executive Director/General Manager. A CORI investigation is required.

All proceeds from the Carousel Creamery directly support the ongoing restoration efforts of the historic Paragon Carousel. The Paragon Carousel is a charitable, non-profit organization. Please visit our website to familiarize yourself with our organization.

HOW TO LEARN MORE OR APPLY: If you would like to learn more about or apply for the Creamery Manager position, please send a resume and cover letter to before March 15, 2015.


Help support the Paragon Carousel!

Dear Friends of the Paragon Carousel,


The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Paragon Carousel applauds the efforts of the DCR in completing a Master Plan for the revitalization of Nantasket Beach and its goal of providing a great day at the Nantasket Reservation. It is an optimistic starting point for much needed improvements to the historic Nantasket Beachfront. The FPC realizes that the report was begun in 2004 and then resumed in recent years which leads to some dated and incomplete information. We ask for the help of our friends in getting a timely and complete record to the DCR, specifically possible plans for the historic Clock Tower Building. The DCR Master Plan notes,” a potential reuse of the Clock Tower Building…” and “an opportunity for the DCR to find alternative uses for the building.”


We need to bring the following facts to the attention of all concerned:

-       The Directors of the FPC have volunteered countless hours and given tireless efforts to make improvements to both the Clock Tower Building and the Carousel Building.

-       We are now in our third year of working toward securing a twenty-five year lease to begin in 2016. (Currently, the lease issue is before a legislative committee.)

-       The Paragon Park Museum, created in 2013, welcomed several thousand visitors this season.

-       The Restoration Studio, also on the first floor, is open for public viewing.

-       A Museum Shop on the first floor provides additional revenue.

-       The Carousel Creamery has undergone remodeling and modernization.

-       A patio with picnic tables and café tables complements the creamery operation.

-       Office space for the General Manager is on the first floor.

-       The second floor provides needed storage space for operational supplies, administrative records, merchandise, and seasonal decorations.


The above list is not inclusive but does show full utilization of the building by the FPC.

To the point, the Clock Tower Building is a critical need in the continuing operation of the Paragon Carousel, a truly vintage carousel found in the Register of Historic Places and voted the best Historic Carousel in New England by Yankee Magazine. This beloved site would cease the current operation without the revenue and space provided by this essential building.


In 1996, Lesko Kelly Associates appraised the buildings for the FPC in anticipation of the purchase of the carousel by the non-profit group. They found that “The Carousel is a pinnacle piece for the redevelopment of Hull…The Carousel and its related benefits to the Town of Hull, the Nantasket Beach business community and the school system will make Hull an increasingly desirable place to live.”


Past and present directors have been dedicated stewards to these properties. Help us have a strong voice in the next stage of the Master Plan process.

Tell those involved in the planning, “ I support the present and future plans of the Friends of the Paragon Carousel in maintaining these historic beachfront properties.”


Email: (please note “Nantasket Beach” in subject)

Or you can write to: DCR Office of Public Outreach

251Causeway St. 6th floor

Boston,MA 02114


Or stop into the Clock Tower Building this holiday weekend to sign our letter to the DCR, view the list of improvements made to these properties since 1996, and sample our delicious Giffords ice cream.


Once again this season we welcomed approximately 100,000 visitors. In partnership with the DCR, we envision this site as the welcoming entrance to the reservation for generations to come.



Marie Schleiff

President, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Friends of the Paragon Carousel


We're planning an ICE FESTIVAL!

Right here at the Paragon Carousel, you can enjoy a fun-filled evening with your favorite Snow Queen!



Saturday, September 6, from 5:00 to 8:30 PM.

Here are some of the great plans we have for you that day:

  • Photo with Snow Queen
  • Elsa-Inspired Hair Braiding
  • Frozen Rose Craft Station
  • Sing Along with the Princess
  • Giltter Snowflake Body Art
  • Unlimited Carousel Rides 
  • Pin the nose on Olaf
  • Snow ball toss contest
  • Raffle to win a Birthday Party at the Paragon Carousel in 2015
  • Goodie Bag full of treasures
  • Delicious Food
  • FREE showing of your favorite DVD on the back lawn of the Paragon Carousel (bring your blanket!)
  • Games, Fun, & Lots More!

Attendance is strictly limited! Tickets: $55 per child and one adult chaperone.  Additional adult tickets $10 each. As of 5:40 PM, 9.5.14 only a small amount of tickets remain.

You can purchase tickets by clicking the "add to cart" buttons below.


FOR A CHILD'S TICKET --includes one adult (18 years+) chaperone ticket : 

FOR AN ADULT'S TICKET ($10--must be 18 to purchase):
Tickets are strictly limited so please purchase your tickets early to reserve your place!

Flag Day Observance 2014

Thanks to all for supporting our Flag Day program this year. Once again a special thanks goes out to our friends at George Washington Toma TV and Appliance for being the Presenting Sponsor for this annual event.

Those honored with a flag this year:

Guy Abbate, US Navy
Francis Abbate, US Navy, WWII
Wim Alsbach   
AW2 Andrew R. Bibbo, US Navy
John W. Biggs
Fred Bose
Roy Carlson, WWII, US Army
James J. Canavan, WWII, US Army
Robert Cocking Jr., WWII
Leslie J. Crowley, WWII
Frank D'Amore
Papa DeMatteo
Seymour Doliner
Robert Drane
Jesse Daniel Ely
Llyod Emery, Sr.
The Gould Family
Jerome P. Finiello, US Army
John L.  Finiello, US Marines
Larry and Phyllis Gould
Stanley L. Gould, GM3, US Navy
Melvin C. Gould, S.Sgt., US Army
F. Michael Heinrich
Robert F. Keefe, US Navy
Ralph King
Lester P. Lamm, CEM, US Navy
Bessie Pope Lamm
Charles A. Lowe, Jr.
William F. Lyden, Jr.
William F. Lyden. Sr.
William X. Lydon, US Navy
Alexander  MacLeod
Michael P. Manning, US Army
Bobby McGee
Alfred Charles Mehegan
Charles Agustus Melvin, WWII
John R. Melvin, Sr.
Philip Molloy, US Marines
William Morse
Robert B. Morse, Sr.
Stewart Nash
Robert O'Hanley
Larry Peruzzi, WWI
John A.  Rowe
PFC Henry Sandler, WWII
Carl G. Schleiff, Sr.
Alice Schmidt
Kevin V. Sheehan
Thomas F. Sheehan, III
Thomas F. Sheehan, Jr.
Capt. Jeremiah L. Surette, US Army, WWII
Robert Stearns, US Navy, WWII
Herman W. Tott
John J. Wigmore, US Navy
***** ******

Secret Garden Tour 2014

SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014

11AM - 3PM

It's time to get your tickets for one of most popular events, the Secret Garden Tour. This year we've put together some wonderful gardens for you to enjoy! Lots of new gardens, a couple of favorites and everything else in between. Tickets are just $25 until June 19 and then increase to $30. All proceeds from this event directly support the ongoing restoration efforts of the historic Paragon Carousel.


How does the tour work? Once you have your ticket (just stop by the Paragon Carousel to purchase or you may also order online by selecting the "Add to Cart" button here). 

Then just wait for the morning of Sunday, June 22, pull up in front of the carousel and we will hand you a tour book and map with directions and descriptions of all the gardens--you don't even have to leave your vehicle. The tour is self guided so just meander around the town and  visit gardens at your leisure any time from 11 am until 3 pm. The gardens will be marked with a flag. You will be pleased to know that you will find artists at work in these gardens--some with paints others with sketch pad or some other medium. Please take the time to admire their creative expression, and don't forget to chat with the garden owner for tips and insight into the hidden seaside garden. When the tour is over why not stop back at the carousel for a spin on the 86-year-old amusement, visit our Paragon Park Museum and then enjoy a special treat from our Creamery. The summer will be in full bloom for our annual Secret Garden Tour! Enjoy!