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Coming soon - our complete 2018 Summer Calendar!


Sunday through Thursday

10am to 9pm

Friday and Saturday

10am to 10pm

Come down for a spin!

And don't let "rainy days and Mondays" get you down - we are a perfect activity when the beach is off the agenda!

205 Nantasket Ave.Hull, MA 02045

Please Visit the Doors to History site to learn more about the Paragon Carousel and other historic sites in our area!


Corporate Sponsors

George Washington TomaThe Grass Guy

Thanks to winning a grant from American Express the Paragon Carousel replaced all twelve doors to the building that houses the Paragon Carousel with beautiful wooden doors that replicate the original doors from 1928. The grant also allowed us to renovate all the windows above the doors so that now light streams into the building. Thank you!


By mail:
Friends of the Paragon Carousel 
P.O. Box 100 
Hull, MA 02045 

By telephone: 

By email:

Physical Address:

205 Nantasket Avenue
Hull, MA 02045 



Jim Callahan, Director of Operations

James Hardison. Restoration Curator

Karen Lehane, Office Manager




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